FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How to Book the Order?

    Refer the 'How we do it' section or click the button to check it now.

    How we do it?
  2. Can I pay in Cash?

    We are Extremely SORRY to say NO - we do not accept anything in CASH ! In fact Online Payment is one of the safest way to make your payment from anywhere in the World. It will create a Transaction ID and track record which you can get from your own Bank anytime with a request. Hence there is nothing like your Balance has suddenly dissapeared or your are being charged for something which is very unknown to you.

    For your comfort, we have kept the option of all major Payment Gateways which will help you to make payment using any Ordinary ATM Card or Debit Card in addition to Credit Card, NetBanking, etc. Well this also does not mean that we provide you Guarantee about Successful Payment, as it depends on your Bank. Give it a Try ! if not successful reach us on our helpline +91-7878113113 or drop a mail at info(at)midnightcake.com.

    All Major Payment Options Accepted

  3. In Which Cities and Areas can the Delivery done?

    Our Target is to provide the delivery of Happiness across any corner of India and then across the World, but we have some limitations for the delivery of tangible products like Cake and Flowers which has a short shelf life and cannot be packed and transported beyond certain radius.

    Our team is constantly working hard to develop a Quality Network such that we can maintain the same great quality of Products and Services no matter where you want to experience it.

    Currently you can get the delivery done in all the cities and areas that are listed on our site without hesitation.

    You can see the full list of Cities and Areas here:

    Delivery Locations
  4. If I don't find City / Area, can I still book the Order?

    Sometimes we also do the delivery in Cities and Areas which are not listed on our site.

    But those are the cases where the Delivery Time and Delivery Charges needs to be decided after taking confirmation from concern person.

    If you have such City or Area which is not in our list and you still want to give a Try, please submit the details below. Someone from our Team will get back to you with the Best possible solution for you.

    Send Us Details
  5. How to get the details about Product ?

    Just click on the Product Listing and you will be provided with a detailed view which will provide a brief description about Product. Wherever applicable we have also mentioned the Quantity with Unit of Measurement (UOM) along with the items that it includes specially for Combos.

    For VDOting you can get a glimpse of how does it look when you play a VDOting by clicking on its thumbnail. If it does not start playing at first, make sure the settings of your browser allows video playback from third party players. Allow popups if blocked.

    For Handmade Greeting Cards, we have tried to cover all the corners and minute details in photographs, but that does not guarantee 100% coverage. Actual products may vary from those shown in photographs as they are Handmade Articles.

  6. Can I add my own item to deliver along with my Order?

    Unfortunately No. :( :(

    We are sorry to say that we cannot make any extra arrangements (chargeable or free) to collect or carry any additional item along with what you have ordered online from Midnightcake.com.

  7. Can I change the Delivery Address or Time ?

    Yes, but only at the time of Confirmation Call (CC). Nothing can be changed there after. Make sure all your details are up to date at the time of Confirmation Call.

    As a Standard Procedure, we have a step known as Confirmation Call (CC) which you normally receive within 60 minutes of booking your order. If you have provided a wrong/alternate Mobile Number, you might miss it, for those orders where our Central Order Processing (COP) Team is not able to complete the Confirmation Call for whatsoever uncertain reasons, we do it in Mail by sending the Summary of your Order for confirmation on your Registered Email Id provided at the time of booking order, before we initiate the Delivery.

    If we do not receive the confirmation in Email also, we get the order Processed as per the Schedule, provided that it is confirm from your end and there are no changes required in Delivery Address or Delivery Date & Time.

    Note: If the order is executed under such circumstances, you will not be able to claim refund unless it is delivered at address other than that mentioned in Order Booking form.

  8. Can I keep the Sender's Name Hidden during Delivery ?

    Partially Yes !

    You can write an instruction for Delivery Executive at the time of booking order. Our Delivery Executive will try the Best possible way to keep the sender's name a mystery.

    But if the receiver denies to accept the delivery without disclosing the Actual Sender name as per our records, we are helpless and have to provide the details as registered in system at the time of booking order.

    For security reasons we also keep a track record of IP Addresses used for booking orders.

  9. How and when can I Cancel my Order?

    You can cancel your before Confirmation Call (CC) by calling our Helpline : +91-7878113113 and providing the proof of identity or writing to us on orders@midnightcake.com from your Registered Email Id. For Refund amount which you are eligible on cancellation of your order, refer below Refund Matrix. If the Order is Cancelled:

    Description Refund Value
    before 3 hours 59 minutes or lesser from Delivery Time: No Refund (0% Refund)
    before min. 4 hours and max. 7 hours 59 minutes of Delivery Time: 25% Refund
    before min. 8 hours and max. 11 hours 59 minutes of Delivery Time: 50% Refund
    before min. 12 hours and max. 23 hours 59 minutes of Delivery Time: 75% Refund
    before 24 hours or more from Delivery Time: 90% Refund
    min. 10% Charges are Non Refundable. (Processing Charges + Payment Gateway Charges)

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