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Valentine Day GIF wishes tool is a free tool to create custom personal message greetings for their loved ones. The best thing about it is that it is 100% ad free which means there is no ads like other tools available across internet. The aim of this tool is to give the ease of wishing your loved ones on the occasion of Valentine Day i.e. February 14 and make it memorable.

When you are away from your loved ones, all you can send is animated gif greeting and wish Happy Valentine Day by sharing on Whatsapp or Facebook. This tool is created using latest technology to make it fully mobile friendly and compatible to almost all mobile browsers. Every year there are lot of people who are travelling for business or work and are away from their loved ones.

This is an attempt to connect those people. It is also very useful for youngsters who are not able to meet each other on Valentine Day.

These days, people are making extensive use of animated GIF to express their feelings over Whatsapp and facebook in minimum time, as GIF are very short in length. We hereby wanted to use that power of GIF in addition to a customized personal message which is not included in GIF. Therefore we came up with this HTML tool with Valentine Day GIF used in page to give it a beautiful effect.

Valentine Day GIF tool can be used by:

  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Colleagues
Steps to create FREE Valentine Day GIF:
  1. Click here to Start.
  2. Enter your customized personal message which can touch the heart of your loved one, the moment it is visible on their mobile screen.
  3. Provide your name, receiver name, email id(we do not share this with anyone) you will get the link of your Valentine Day GIF wishes on this email id. Email is not mandatory.
  4. You will get the Preview of your valentine day wishes on screen. Share it using Whatsapp or Facebook button at bottom. If you have provided email id in previous step, you will get a link of this page for your backup, in case you want to use in future.

Valentine Day wishes created so far: 1761
We wish everyone A Happy Valentine Day!
Express your Love, and Spread the Happiness...

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