Bold Red Roses with Cake

Bold Red Roses with Cake

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Item Details

50 Red Roses with 1 Kg Chocolate Chips Cake

Content of Combo

1) 1 Kg Chocolate Chips Cake
2) 50 Red Roses

Description of 50 Red Roses with 1 Kg Chocolate Chips Cake

A perfect package to give a Wedding gift with a 1 Kg of Crunchy Chocolate Chips Cake and 50 Fresh Red Roses Bunch to make it memorable.There is nothing more romantic than the bunch of 50 fresh red roses beautifully packed in the red color paper. This hamper will surely steal hearts at the first glance itself.

Shelf life

(2 hours without refrigeration)
(6 - 8 hours in normal refrigeration)
(the time given here is expected and not the exact guaranteed hours of shelf life)


Book 3 hours in advance

Age Group

19 years and above

Gender Applicability

Male and Female both


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