Privacy Policy of Midnightcake

Your privacy is important to us, that's the reason we, at have taken utmost care to maintain the user friendly ambience in addition to adequate privacy of each user of

By using the site, user is agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of Midnightcake and accepts all the clauses given therein.

In the process of making our website more interactive and easily interpretable, we may analyse anonymous data collected from the visitors of our website.

We may collect IP addresses to diagnose problems with our servers and for system administration, but we do not link these addresses to any personal identity.

Personal details including Credit Card/Debit Card/Online Banking credentials, is not stored by Midnightcake. However, for online payments, Midnightcake may transfer the user to third party/Payment Gateway site where it has no control, therefore all the information provided there by the user would be at their own risk and controls.

Midnightcake never ask for Bank details via spam mail, therefore Midnightcake is not responsible for any loss occurring in any format rising by responding such mail or providing personal information. If you find any such occurrence, immediately intimate us at:

We may collect detailed address and Mobile numbers of Users and Customers for the purpose of easy tracking of delivery. By using Midnightcake, user is agreeing to be liable for the outcome that results in any form by providing such information.

Midnightcake does not use any of the details collected herein for marketing purpose or forward it to the third party for their commercial use. However if legal authorities/law enforcement is applied, Midnightcake has all rights to analyse all the information provided by users on site directly or indirectly without permission of users or written notice.

While compiling this information, we have worked hard to ensure that all information is correct. However, no guarantee or representation is made to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained here. This information is subject to changes by Midnightcake without prior notice.

Photography is a FREE Service provided by Midnightcake for making it memorable for future. No Guarantee is provided for the quality and accuracy of the photographs. The photographs taken by Midnightcake during delivery/event or any such incidence are the property of Midnightcake and Midnightcake has all rights to make the use of such photographs without any kind of cost/charge/monetary return to anyone present in photograph.

Midnightcake appreciates the suggestion of all users and customers and is thankful to them. Midnightcake may display any comment or suggestion found interesting on live website in the 'Testimonial' Section with/without name of the User. Midnightcake may/may not change the name of the user in the interest of user's privacy.

That information which is made available on Mobile to the user may be effected by their respective service provider, for which Midnightcake is not responsible in case of occurrence of any loss of any form. Do not Disturb (DND) users will not receive any information from Midnightcake irrespective of its importance on their mobile.

For the security purpose, Midnightcake always disclose the details of sender of any product or service rendered by Midnightcake to the end user/receiver. Any dispute of personal or public type rising due to disclosure of such information will be the liability of sender/user who has booked the order. For legal procedure, Midnightcake may disclose all the details of both sender and receiver without prior notice to both/any of them.

For the purpose of internal study and analysis of visitors, Midnightcake may use the data which is available online via internet using various tools and software without permission or knowledge of User.