BlueBerry Cake

BlueBerry Cake

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500 Grams Eggbased BlueBerry Cake

One of the Most vivid Cake with distinct flavor of Blueberry Squash spreaded over a Premium Vanilla White Cream and soft base. Garnished with Free Flow Style similar to Island Design covered with thematic Blueberry Ingredients. And Crowns of white chocolate. Pretty Choicy Choice !

Content of 500 Grams Eggbased BlueBerry cake

Weight :- 500 grams
Garnishing:- Cream based
Eggless option available
Texture:- Soft
Fruity flavored cream
White Vanilla Sponge

Shelf Life

(2 hours without refrigeration)
(6 - 8 hours in normal refrigeration)
(the time given here is expected and not the exact guaranteed hours of shelf life)

Base of the cake

Cream based


Book 6 hours in advance

Age Group

Upto 19 year

Gender applicability


Every cake we offer is hand made by chef and every chef has different way of making the cake and garnishing. Hence the cake delivered might have the variation in design and shape.

Delivery time is dependent on factors such as availability of the product, traffic and many others. Hence the time selected is the estimated time of delivery.

Cakes being the edible and perishable item, we will be attempting the delivery once. If the receiver is not at the delivery location and the cake is returned we might have to discard the cake depending on the quality after the attempt of delivery.
Delivery in no case can be redirected to any other address.
Occasionally, nearest replacements of the product selected might be necessary to be delivered as all the products might not be available sometime.


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