Register as a Channel Partner of Midnightcake

Do you believe in Timely Team Work?
If yes, then we have an opportunity to en-cash your belief !

Midnightcake Team has several Channel Partners across the Country. If you have that strong desire to be associated with Midnightcake Delivery Network, which runs on the only fuel called Time, get in touch with us.

What is a Channel Partner?
Midnightcake Team appoints a Channel Partner who takes care of everything for a specific Zone (a Geographical Territory), starting from outsourcing the quality products till the delivery on time. We monitor the performance of Channel Partner from the State of the Art Feedback Centre where Midnightcake Team gets in touch with the end users and customers to collect the feedback based on their real experiences and analyze the feedback on several factors.

Those Channel Partners who cannot perform as per the standards set by Midnightcake Team, gets terminated after a couple of intimations. Since we are very strongly determined on provide Quality Services and Products to our esteemed customers, we do not compromise on Quality, against which we also pay above average to our Channel Partners to justify their efforts.

If you are interested, provide below details:

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We have a collection of more than 300 cakes on sale, ranging from INR399 to INR 9649